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When it meowed I screamed.

Oh my god so cute

how is this thing real




Holy mother of god this is need.

 oh my freaking god. i need this kitten. Sarah. please. get me one ;~; it’s so fluffy i think i’m gonna die….

someone, anyone.

._. my dashboard is soooooo slow anymore… someone.. post something.. or ask me something D: i’m so bored i think i’m dying from it… yes… it is possible >->

Here goes.

So, i’ve decided to rant, even though it’s freaking 12 a.m.

In my town, in my very small JUDGMENTAL school, there is a small minority group in which i am a part of. We are very open, loving, loud, hyper, crazy people. And yet day in and day out. We’re looked down upon because we are loud, we wear “too much” black, we’re “cutters”, etx etx. Last year it escalated from just the mean looks to foot ball players actually coming up to us and telling us we should just kill ourselves.

Now, i don’t know about you, but that just pisses me off. So what if i don’t wear A&F and i don’t wear shorts that completely expose things that really should be covered (Seriously. no one wants to see that nasty.) I’m content with myself. I wear skinnies, band tees and wayyyy too much eyeliner. And i love the -pale- skin i’m in! Get over it! None of you are going to change my mind nor the way i dress/act/what-i-listen-to/etx etx. So really? open your freaking eyes and minds and get a clue. We really don’t care. Sure… we’d love to be left alone and not picked at. But at the end of the day. We’re happy with ourselves.


Today was…

one of those days man. :p may be recording some vocals soon.. its only a small part 15-20 seconds. but its gonna be hella beast.

→ Sleeping With Sirens.... <3 nuff said

 click this. click it now. you wont regret it »


Happy Birthday to Holly.
I have done better, but Im fairly pleased.

 (: luff chu Sarah. its amazing.

I wait, and I wait, and I wait some more. You promise this and that. And you say you won’t leave.

But we aren’t allowed to go places together.

I can’t hold your hand.

I can’t even speak to you at school.

Yet you go everywhere.

Do everything.

And I’m still left behind.

Tell me again?

Why am I waiting??





gay, gay, gay, gay

love, loyal, sweet, insecure.

happy, impatient, naive, passionate.

sweet, insecure, eloquent, peaceful

 holly: loyal lovely caring outgoing ._. wha…?

Here’s what’s up.

Contrary to what everyone who sees me daily thinks. Put-downs, harsh comments, snotty glares, and bumping into me like I’m not even there? Yeah. You may think I’m invincible. But it hurts.

How would you feel if you knew that the girl that you use to cry on, the one you always run to, the one who NEVER sheds a tear but always has a smile… Is fake?

She only wants someone to be there for her to cry on, to be told “tell me the truth” when she lies and says she’s fine. She wants nothing but to be told she’s worth something and is needed and loved.

I’m not saying a need a relationship or to be told these things daily. But to be told once every now and then.. That I’m more than just the go to girl..

You might just save a life.

→ Dear Lord

Sarah i’d like to thank you hardcore for leading me to this song ._.

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